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Only three months to go until my thesis submission deadline, so it’s very much nose to the grindstone around here.  I’m making exciting progress though – one of my data sets is complete and I’ve almost managed to construct a statistical model to describe it, and the other data set is almost ready (“almost” being a relative term – there’s probably another week or two’s work to do on it) to be added to the model, so very soon I should have something resembling results.  Which is very exciting!  Of course, then I’ve got to write it all up into an actual thesis…  Yeah, so expect the current lack of communication to continue.
I have managed to emerge briefly from my cone of silence occasionally over the last few weeks to make it to a few Heritage Festival and FESTA events (why do all the cool festivals happen at the same time and I only have time to go to a fraction of what I want to?).  I even managed to take my camera along to the main FESTA event on Saturday night, and took a million photos.  Of course, now I don’t have time to go through the photos and edit them, but in the meantime, here’s a couple of my pre-editing favourites:

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