I'm impressed

My blog is no Whaleoil, but apparently it still gets the attention of the politicians 🙂 – after I mentioned the other day about James Dann asking if I’d host a sign supporting his candidacy, James himself left a comment on the post.  I’m impressed – that sort of thing is an excellent example of how to translate the traditional handshaking and doorknocking of prospective voters into the digital age. Social media, you’re doing it right.
A pity that my blog won’t garner James a lot of votes – as far as I know, none of my regular readers actually live in the Ilam electorate (and the majority of you aren’t even New Zealanders).  But it’s certainly gone a long way towards convincing me to vote for him.
Don’t worry, the election is only a couple of days away.  Promise I’ll soon stop talking about politics and return to my normal cats and crafts 🙂

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