Oops, I think I just volunteered

You know how I keep saying I’m not going to volunteer for anything else, and that I’ve got way too much going on in my life already and can’t add anything more?  Yeah, I totally fail at that.  I can’t help it – people ask me to help out with things and I say yes before I’ve even thought about it.  And then people think of me as the sort of person who’ll help out, so I get asked to help out with even more things, and before I know it I’m running around like a mad thing again.
My latest foray into volunteering has a limited lifespan though, because it’ll have to end by the election.  Yep, apparently agreeing to have an election placard in your front garden means that you get on the Green party’s list of sympathetic people who can be asked to help out in other ways, so I got a visit from the local candidate at the weekend, and while talking to him I kind of accidentally agreed to distribute a few flyers for them, which, over the course of a few emails, has somehow morphed into spending a large chunk of next weekend delivering flyers around Bishopdale, and maybe also being a scrutineer on election day.  And all this for a political party I haven’t entirely made up my mind whether I want to vote for yet!
However, I haven’t entirely failed my no volunteering resolution.  I did manage to turn down a nomination to serve on the TEU National Women’s Committee – see, I can stay resolute sometimes…

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