Flora and Otto

Harvestbird, the miniest mini-Harvestbird and I had planned to go to Dorothy’s this afternoon for tea and scones and cucumber sandwiches, but alas when we got to Cranmer Square there was no sign of the little green caravan.  So we went to the Coffee House instead, in anticipation of cake.  Unfortunately, in their reinvention they’ve obviously neglected the cafe side of the business in favour of the restaurant, because the food, normally good, was totally disappointing – the cheese scones were boring (and it’s very very hard to make a cheese scone boring!), and the slices were uninspired.  A pity, because that had been one of our go-to places for emergency cake, but it looks like yet another place to strike off the list 🙁
However, not all was lost of the day – we did get to go for a walk over to the new Gapfiller installation, a mosaic chair and ottoman (titled Flora and Otto respectively) created by Crack’d for Christchurch out of crockery broken in the earthquakes.  Totally gorgeous work, with so many amazing little details.

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  1. That is amazing, and beautiful! Was it made of bits and pieces they found around town, or was it from crockery belonging to their family?

    1. They asked people around Christchurch to donate crockery that got broken in the earthquakes. A lot of the people who donated wrote letters with their memories of when they got the crockery, or what it meant to them – the line about the grandmother’s tea-set is from one of the letters. So there’s a lot of emotion and meaning tied up in the mosaic, as well as them being just beautiful in themselves.

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