Weather? Really?

I have got a cat attempting to force her way on to my lap as I type this.  I think it’s in protest over the fact that I haven’t lit the fire tonight, so she hasn’t got anywhere warm to sit.  Not that it’s a particularly cold night (which is why I haven’t bothered to light the fire) – it’s been weirdly warm all day. But actual temperature doesn’t have a lot to do with Parsnips’s sense of warm spot entitlement.  Oh well, she’ll probably get her fire to sit in front of soon enough, because the forecast is for horrible weather tomorrow, with snow to low levels.  So I doubt I’ll be thinking it warm enough to not light a fire tomorrow night.
The weather has been doing weird things like that all winter, actually – it’ll be warm one day then freezing cold the next. There’s all sorts of blossom and daffodils and things out, way too early, and someone at work said they saw some ducklings the other day.  In one way it’s nice to see signs of spring because it reminds you that winter won’t last forever, but it also makes it really depressing when winter reasserts itself again just after you’ve been lulled into a false sense of security by a few warm days.
Yep, I’ve just spent this entire post talking about the weather…

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  1. As usual, I’m trying to wrap my head around our upside down weather. 🙂
    I could offer you heat… but with it comes smoke from the fires.
    All too soon, Bruce with be on the job again however. And you will be knee deep in daffodils. 🙂

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