Testing, testing… is this thing on?

DD went a bit crashy-bang yesterday, and I got 404’d from my own diary, so I wasn’t able to post the progress pictures of the remainder of the Minecraft faces:


And Enderman (a type of monster, for the uninitiated – its eyes glow pink when it’s angry at you):

I started doing the quilting and binding part, but decided I’d spent way too long sitting over a sewing machine for one long weekend (or rather, the number of mistakes I was making decided it for me), so I’ll have to finish them off next weekend.
Right, let’s see if this post actually posts…

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  1. Im sure your Minecraft faces will mean something important to 3 young Minecraft enthusiasts, but to me ……………? maybe it’s an age thing ?
    However, well done on your workmanship/clevermanship/stickabilitymanship bestestfriendinthewholeworldmanship

    1. I’m sure they’ll explain them to you in great detail… 🙂
      Are you having an identity crisis? Your comment came through under my name, for some reason.

      1. Woops, I knew it was an age thing – now I don’t know who I am. I will repeat after me .. My name is TopKat, my name is TopKat…..

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