Another wobbly afternoon

Ok, this is just getting tedious now. Two more big earthquakes today, a 5.8 and a 6.0, both followed by many many many smaller aftershocks. We’re ok over this side of town (we had a few small things fall over, and all the water sloshed out of George’s water bowl, but nothing broken this time) but there’s been a bit more damage (and lots more liquifaction) out east. Sounds like only a few injuries though, which is good news at least.

The worst bit (from my selfish point of view) is that we were having our traditional Bookcrossing Christmas party (which I’d expanded to include a few non-bookcrossing friends) tonight, but naturally no-one’s feeling much like going out tonight, so most people have called to cancel 🙁 Oh well, lucky I hadn’t started cooking anything yet!

I’m glad I’ve got all my Christmas shopping done, because of course they’ve had to close down all the malls while they do structural checks. I feel sorry for anyone who’d left it til the last minute! We did our grocery shopping yesterday after work too, so we won’t even have to venture out for food for several days. Although I do have a couple of gift vouchers burning a hole in my pocket that might tempt me to Riccarton when the post-Christmas sales start…

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