The Secret Project

I don’t think awhina reads my diary, but just in case she does, I’ll be keeping the details of my latest cross-stitch project private, because it’s destined to be a wedding present for her.

They’re having an octagonal-themed wedding (because they met in Dunedin’s Octagon), so of course I had to make the cross-stitch in the shape of an octagon too. There’s not many octagonal wedding samplers out there, so I had to design my own, adapting another design.

I’m not going to tell you exactly what the picture is though, so we can play the “guess what these weird shapes are going to be” game. The guessing game’s going to be a bit more difficult than usual, though, because it’s an assisi design, where the background is stitched and the picture left blank 🙂

Anyway, here’s the first couple of progress reports:

Not much to see here, just a tacked outline of the final shape (because the centre will be unstitched, I’m starting from the edge for a change, so working out exactly where the edges are in advance will hopefully reduce the likelihood of errors later on). The colours haven’t shown up great in this photo, unfortunately – the fabric is dove grey, and the cotton is a rich variagated red/purple mix (assisi is traditionally stitched in a single colour, but I’m using variagated thread (which changes colour subtly with each stitch and can create all sorts of different effects depending on the order you do the stitches in) to give an appearance of texture to the background).

The background begun. Most of what looks like edges in this won’t be when you next see it, but there is a tiny bit of the picture in there – I’m just not telling you which bit it is 🙂

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