Progress Report

It’s just as fiddly as I remembered it, but I’m slowly making progress.

(Oh, and Yetzirah, I do sometimes use the multi-needle trick, but I don’t think I have enough needles to cover all the colours just in one of those swirls in the border!)

My other creative project for the weekend was baking a big batch of pfeffernussen (German Christmas biscuits – though spellcheck insists that what I really meant was “effervescence”) and making up little parcels for all those inevitable “X gave me a present and I haven’t got anything for them” moments at work next week.

Now I’ve just got to think of something for my boss, who’s a diabetic, so probably wouldn’t appreciate a bag of sugar-coated biscuits…

Haven’t been doing much releasing lately, so only one catch to report, but it is a second-generation one: The Private Life of Mona Lisa by Pierre la Mure.

And the anonymous finder who caught Arrow of God has re-released it into the wild, so at least they get the Bookcrossing concept, even if they haven’t joined.

Currently reading: The Adventure of English by Melvyn Bragg
Currently listening to: The Calligrapher’s Daughter by Eugenia Kim

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