Another secret project

I’d been trying to think of something to make Wombles for her new baby, and inspiration finally struck last weekend (just in time, as the baby has arrived early!) when we were wandering around a craft market in Wellington during the release walk. There was a stall selling bundles of fabric scraps, including all sorts of textured upholstery fabrics. And then I remembered something Texaswren had made a few years back which I’d wanted to try.

So today, I made a mess:

and then I made some squares:

and sewed the squares together to make a book:

and then the dyslexia kicked in so I managed to completely confuse myself about the orientation of the pages as I sewed them together, with the inevitable result that it they ended up in completely the wrong order, and the back cover became the front cover. But despite that little glitch I think it worked out pretty well. The different fabrics are all different textures, so it’s a touch-book as well as a colour-book. And yes, of course it has a BCID (embroidered on) – it’s a book!

So, anyone have her address?

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