How come the cat gets better mail than we do?

Yesterday’s mail: I got a corporate Christmas card, MrPloppy got a bank statement, and George got a parcel from Lytteltonwitch. He didn’t seem to appreciate getting mail much though – after a quick sniff to make sure it wasn’t food or a lap, he got bored and wandered off, so we opened it for him:

We’ll have to get him some fancy food or a catnip toy to go in it 🙂

I put up the Christmas tree this morning, seeing as it’s suddenly December:

Because I didn’t put up a tree last year, there’s two year’s worth of exciting new additions to the tree (even though I completely missed the call for Texaswren’s ornament exchange this year):

(Yes, I know you didn’t mean this as a Christmas ornament, Lytteltonwitch, but it looks really good on the tree!)

Bet you can’t guess where I got this one 😉

And this one’s from the Smithsonian’s Museum of the American Indian

Oh, and one last bit of news (which isn’t really news, because I already knew I’d passed, though not how well): results were released last night, and I got an A+ for my phonetics course. A very nice way to finish my degree!

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