Signs of Spring

Forget daffodils and blossom, the real sign of the change in the seasons is that the supply flights to Antarctica have started up again.

I know this because we live quite near the airport, and the big Starlifter they fly down to the ice in has very loud engines, which need to be warmed up before they take off. And for some reason (I assume so they arrive down there at a convenient time of day), they leave here in the middle of the night. So a couple of times a week we get woken up by the rumbling of the engines being warmed up on the runway (which seems to take forever – I think it’s actually only about half an hour, but that’s a long time at that time of night!), and then just when you’re getting used to that noise, there’s the even louder rumble of it actually taking off.

Of course, within a month or so we’ll be so used to it again we won’t even hear it any more, but for those first few take-offs of the summer, it makes for some interrupted sleeps.

For Lytteltonwitch

It took me a bit to click what the books meant too – I jokingly said something like “are these our invitations?” (thinking that she’d just brought the books along to tease us, in response to those similarly-titled books you gave her), and she flashed the ring! (which is in the shape of an octagon, of course 🙂 (for the benefit of those who weren’t there, the first time awhina and the Invercargillite met in person was in the Octagon in Dunedin))

Apparently they wanted to tell us at the weekend – that was why they invited us out for lunch. They were most put out when we both turned them down and spoilt their plans for a big surprise!!!

Oh, and he’s moving up here (but you probably guessed that!)

So, time to start properly searching TradeMe for that item we were talking about. And MrPloppy and I have come up with another potentially brilliant plan, but I’ll tell you about it when you get back from Oz (it involves the three of us making fools of ourselves in public, but you’d be up for that, wouldn’t you? ;-))

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