Meetup report

Ok, so I’m a bit late with the meetup report, but I’ve been busy. Work mostly (it’s end of term, plus we’re in full-on planning mode for our exciting new structure next year (wow, you can hardly even hear the cynicism in my voice when I say that, can you?)), but also more fun things like starting the process of PMing every Christchurch member to invite them to the convention.

Anyway, Tuesday was meetup night, and we had our usual small gathering at Cafe Bleu. But whatever the numbers, we always have a fun time. Much hilarity this time round designing a game for the Friday night of the convention – the details are top secret, but I can reveal that the title of the game is “Where in the World is Skyring” and that tim-tams may well feature. You’ll just have to come to the convention to find out the rest of it 🙂

Books galore, of course – I picked up the very well travelled Inheritance by Livi Michael, and re-acquired Perfect Match by Jodi Picoult with the view of taking it to our meetup with the Auckland bookcrossers next month. And I passed on Cross Bones by Kathy Reichs, The Annotated Alice edited by Martin Gardner, and Outside Valentine by Liza Ward.

After dinner, Lytteltonwitch took us to see Darwin, the giant purple sperm currently residing in the Square (it’s Art, apparently). If only I’d thought, I’m sure I could have found a suitable themed release (hur hur). Oh well, all I had on me was Nemeis by Catherine MacPhail, so that had to do.

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