Wobbling again

Had a decent aftershock early this morning – a very noisy 5.3 that rumbled away for ages in that disconcerting way that makes you wonder if it’s going to build up into a really big one. It didn’t, but still not a good way to be woken up at 3am!

The really annoying thing is that we’re theoretically moving back into our building at work next week, but that was a big enough aftershock that the engineers are probably going to want to inspect everything again, which might delay our move in yet again… I am so sick of this hot desking!!!! I just want my old office back (and my decent computer!).

Cool (but very depressing) website: a streetcam tour of the central city “red zone”. I’ve wasted far too much time already this morning exploring it. Definitely gives you an appreciation of the scale of the damage.

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  1. There was so much in the US news about the Christchurch quake when it first happened, but this didn’t make any of the major broadcasts. They’ve stopped carrying much information about the aftermath of the Japanese quake/tsunami as well. I like to stay somewhat informated of world events, but it’s things like this that make me realize it’s almost impossible to really keep up.

    Hopefully the engineers find no further structural damage and your return to normalcy will proceed on schedule.

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