Another catch, and spending money

Had an email today to say that someone had just caught Wuthering Heights, one of the books I released at last year’s mini-convention. So that’s another book that’s taken 10 months between release and catch. The finder said they’re going to send it to Austria, so I hope it gets another journal entry when it gets there!

We’ve spent vast amounts of money on travel over the last week (quite apart from the trip to Alexandra). First I booked flights for me and TopKat to go to Brisbane in June for the Australian Bookcrossing Convention (though I think the shopping is more of an attraction for TopKat than the Bookcrossing!), and then MrPloppy booked a flight back to the UK for his brother’s wedding in May. Oh well, there’s our savings almost totally cleaned out, but that was the whole point of keeping a couple of thousand aside in the savings account, just in case MrPloppy had to go back home for anything, and his brother’s wedding seemed an important enough reason to use the money. I just hope he doesn’t need to go back again for a year or two, until we’ve managed to top up the savings again! At least the flights to Brisbane were cheap – Freedomair were doing a 2-for-1 special which meant we got the flights for nearly half price (not *quite* half price, because the taxes etc weren’t included in the 2-for-1 bit, but close enough to save a lot of money!).

Currently reading: Sleepers by Lorenzo Carcaterra (not a Bookcrossing book, but borrowed from TopKat)

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