What I did at the weekend

(What do you mean, it’s Thursday already? So I’m keeping up my long tradition of never updating my diary on time…)

Underneath my desk there are now four boxes:

Box 1: Registered books, all labelled and ready for release.

Box 2: Books still waiting to be registered (I needed a MUCH longer weekend!)

Box 3: Books for lytteltonwitch‘s Halloween party, the BC Christmas tree, and other special release occasions. All registered and labelled.

Box 4: NZ books for the convention. All registered, labelled, and released to the convention bookshelf.

And now, a question. I decided this year to sign up for TexasWren‘s Ornament Exchange. And thought I’d make a couple of ornaments myself as a more personal gesture than buying one. But while making them, I discovered they really really want to be fridge magnets, not hanging off the tree type ornaments.

So my question is, if you were in an ornament exchange, and someone sent you some Christmassy fridge magnets, would you be disappointed, or would you think they still fitted within the broader definition of “ornament”. In other words, should I let my ornaments have their way and become fridge magnets, or should I force them into hanging off the tree status (which I could do easily enough, they just wouldn’t look as good)? Or should I start again with a different design more suited to hanging from a tree?

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