Robinson Crusoe caught!

One of the books I released at Northlands in January, a double-sided book of Robinson Crusoe and The Swiss Family Robinson was caught today. I was initially amused by the finder’s comment that the writing was “old-fashioned” (surprising that, considering Robinson Crusoe was written in 1719!), but according to her profile, she’s only 8, so instead I’ll just be impressed that an 8-year old took on reading such a difficult book. Who cares, anyway – I got a catch! 🙂

I’ve spent most of this morning working on my first assignment for my historical linguistics course – there’s only two questions to answer, but there’s a lot of work in each of them (basically, we’re given a long list of words in one language, and the same list in an older version of the language, and have to figure out all the sound changes that have happened in between, and what order the changes probably happened in), so I’ve only managed to answer one so far, before running out of oomph. I’ve got until Thursday to get it done, though, so hopefully I’ll find some time during the week to do the second part – it’s too hot to concentrate today (nasty nor’wester blowing through).

Currently reading: Matthew Flinders’ Cat by Bryce Courtenay

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