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Had our regular second-Tuesday-of-the-month meetup tonight. No lytteltonwitch, of course, because she’s in Australia on her way to the BC-AUS convention, but awhina and the kitten were there, and MrPloppy and me, of course, and Marcie130 turned up – she hasn’t been to a meetup for ages, so it was great to see her again.

Awhina even brought some books along for a change! They were all Mills & Boons, so nobody took any home, but I think she’s got some sort of themed release in mind:
Wedding Bells For Beatrice
The Man of Her Dreams
The Reluctant Fiancée
His Convenient Proposal
Love At Second Sight
No Less Than a Lifetime
Terms of Engagement
Wedding Song
The Perfect Match
Fiancée By Mistake
The Husband She Needs

Bet you wish you’d been at the meetup, lytteltonwitch! 🙂

I brought a couple of books along myself, of course: Beware the Dwarfs by Terri Paddock and Twelve by Nick McDonell. I ended up bringing home a few too, but all ones that I’d previously released! (The Cat Who Brought Down the House by Lilian Jackson Braun, Royal Flash by George MacDonald Fraser, Secrets of the Jury Room by Malcolm Knox, and Waiting for Godalming by Robert Rankin) Marcie130 had caught them last time she came to a meetup, and brought them back this time, so rather than wild release them in the restaurant (because she thought they should have a few more controlled releases first), I volunteered to look after them and bring them back to the next meetup, because she wasn’t sure when she’d get back to another one.

It was a fun meetup, anyway, and we all enjoyed our cross-cultural meal of “icky-yucky, bulging beef, and chicken sneeze” (we were keeping the kitten amused by mispronouncing the names of the Japanese dishes we’d ordered – the “icky-yucky” was actually very nice!).

The rest of the past week has pretty much been taken up with boring stuff like work and study. I’m trying to stay calm about my impending oral test, but it’s not working. So at the moment every spare minute is dedicated to trying to memorise a few more words, in the hope that this time I won’t go totally blank the minute I go into the test on Friday…

I did release one more book at the university the other day: The Mysterious World of Rays by Friedrich Lorenz, which of course I released in the Physics department. I’ll have to dig through my To Be Released pile again and see if I can find a few more suitable themed releases.

Currently reading: Losing Face by Kathy Torpie

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