Photo of the books (and the sparkly)

Yes, the oblique hint in last night’s entry *did* indicate that awhina and the Invercargillite are engaged. I was sent home from the meetup with instructions that I wasn’t to tell lytteltonwitch directly, but instead I had to list the books awhina had brought in my diary, and see if lytteltonwitch guessed when she read the titles 🙂

They’re getting married in April, and almost the first thing awhina said to me was “No, you’re not going to be bridesmaids!” (lytteltonwitch and I have been teasing her for months, saying we were looking forward to wearing pink frilly dresses…)

Anyway, here’s the photo Marcie130 took of awhina’s books, with ever so casually placed hand to show off the sparkly.

We’re already planning a mass themed release for the big day, of course.

Currently reading: Cat by Freya North

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  1. I did wonder from the books,I have sent a message to her.Something along the lines of we have won our bet.I can’t imagine her moving to Ivercargill can you.I assume we are invited to the wedding,won’t we have fun.Ken is a nice man,hope it works out.Why pick a time I can’t tease her.

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