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After a couple of miserable days of rain (one of which I spent sitting in my office with damp feet because the @#$% of a bus-driver stopped the bus in such a position that I could only get on by wading through a huge puddle), the sun finally came out today, so I decided to make the most of it and go and deliver some more flyers for MrPloppy, and maybe release a few books. Of course, that meant actually labelling some books first (my to be released box seems to be full of either books I’m reserving for various themed releases, or books that I registered but never got round to properly labelling – doesn’t really make spontaneous releases easy!) but eventually I got out and started dropping flyers in letter boxes, on a circuitous route through the streets (my mathematical brain loves the challenge of coming up with a route that will cover both sides of every street with the minimum of retracing my steps).

My route took me past one park, Halifax Reserve, so I released a couple of books there (A Book of Dwarves by Ruth Manning-Sanders and John David by Paula Milne). There were a few kids playing in the playground, and later when I was coming down another street that took me past the other side of the park, I saw a couple of them looking at the Dwarf book.

By the time I ran out of flyers, I was nearly at Edgar Macintosh Park, so I carried on, releasing Necessary Treasons by Maeve Kelly on the way, and released a couple more books in the park (The Call of England by HV Morton, and Illumination Night by Alice Hoffman. Again, as I walked away, I saw someone pick one of them up (I think it was The Call of England) and look inside.

I had one last book left (The Taxidermists’ Dance by Richard Lunn), so on the way home I dropped it in a phone box.

I’ve found myself avoiding themed releases lately, and just enjoying doing good old random book in random place type releases. I’m sure I’ll get bored with them again soon and go back to trying to match book to location, but for now it’s fun to just get back out there bookcrossing again. I really must do it more often 🙂

Currently reading: Round Ireland with a Fridge by Tony Hawkes
Currently listening to: The Mammoth Hunters by Jean M Auel (which, with 20-odd CDs, seems interminable!)

52 sleeps to go!

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