From my travel journal: Later that night

Met k-j-h again for dinner, at a surfing-themed restaurant we’d spotted earlier in the day on Pier 39. Much hilarity over dinner about DOS and FOS’s adventures with a can of spray cheese and our English roommates (who were bribed with junk food not to report DOS and FOS having illicit food in the bunkroom), and the further unfortunate adventures of Wolverine (who has now lost a hand and is oozing blutak).

The menu was American fast-food classics: I had what was described as a “California burger” (guacamole and bacon), and FOS unwisely tried chilli cheese fries (I knew better, having tried them on my previous visit to America – they have got to be the most disgusting food type ever invented!)

An early start planned for tomorrow, as we hit the road for the first time. We’ve got a lot of California to cover!

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