A caught domino

One of the Readers’ Digest dominoes we released in Dunedin has been caught, and is now in Prague! So much for my theory that nobody ever picks up Readers’ Digests…

Actually, getting that catch reminds me that I never did make release notes for the domino books – I think when we got back from Dunedin I was too busy writing my newsletter article (which has now been published) and writing the long and complicated release notes for the tour by Tom Sawyer, so actually releasing the dominoes slipped my mind. [Slight pause while FutureCat races off and makes a few post facto release notes – thank goodness for the adjustable date field on the release page…] Right, all released now. Here’s the other four copies I released: 1, 2, 3, 4 (lytteltonwitch supplied the bulk of the books for the project, my five were just a token addition).

Another cool recent catch was Chitty Chitty Bang Bang – it’s been quietly travelling from Anonymous Finder to Anonymous Finder for the last couple of years, aquiring a reasonably impressive string of journal entries.

Off on another mad expedition this morning – I’ll report back later.

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