More bookmarks

Mum posted up the bookmarks I’d left behind at her place (because they hadn’t properly dried yet) when we were down there:

I call them my crazy cat ladies with bling (except you can’t really see the bling in the scan – they’ve got glittery and jewelled accessories).

She’d also included a few she’d made herself – a couple more cat ladies, and a very clever grandfather clock:

I think that’s about 30 bookmarks for DC now!

Only 9 more sleeps until I leave for San Francisco and the start of our big adventure. It’s starting to get exciting!

I’ve done a little bit of packing (well, the books, anyway – they’re the most important bit, aren’t they?), and I went to the bank yesterday to get some US dollars (and discovered that the #$%@ earthquake has obviously had an effect on the economy already, because the exchange rate was a lot worse than when I’d looked it up a month ago :-() so I’m nearly all ready to go.

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