Home again (briefly)

They say the best thing about travelling is coming home – I reckon it’s coming home to find that one of the books you’ve released on the trip has already been caught: I left The Iceberg Hermit in the railway station in Dunedin this morning, and it was caught and journalled by lunchtime.

Plus I got catches from a couple of older releases: City of the Dead which I released in the cemetery in Palmerston after the Dunedin convention (and which by the sounds of it has been sitting there ever since); and SSN, which I released in Christchurch in December 2003, and made its way via a church sale in Greymouth to end up in Auckland!

A full trip report (for this leg, anyway) will follow shortly, but the short version is we had a great time, the weather was very cooperative, FatherOutlaw can’t believe how many miles he’s driven in such a short time (well, I did warn him that things are a long way apart in New Zealand), and we came back to three cats who were well-fed (thanks to MrsGwilk, who was cat-sitting for us) but still very glad to see us, and, huge surprise, a new fence! The letter we sent to the insurance company must have worked!

Right, must go and finish making release notes, and then sort out my photos…

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