What day is it?

I always have great plans for special date themed releases. I look ahead on the calendar and see Valentine’s Day, or Mother’s Day, or Waitangi Day, and decide that *this* year I really am going to get organised, and collect up suitable books to release on the day. But I never quite seem to manage it. I either forget to stock up on suitable books, or I have got suitable books but don’t remember until several days after the fact (there’s a book called On Mother’s Day that I’ve had sitting in my release box for several years now, but I forget every year). It probably doesn’t help much that my family never celebrated Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, and MrPloppy and I similarly avoid Valentine’s Day as a commercialised rip-off that’s only an excuse for florists to hike their prices, so those dates don’t impinge on my conciousness much.

This Valentine’s Day’s themed release opportunities were doomed to pass me by in much the same way, except that just as I was about to leave for work I saw some release alerts pop up in my email – the ever-organised lytteltonwitch was busy releasing perfectly themed books. So I dove into my box of release-ready books, and miracle of miracles found two romances, one of which even had “Valentine” in the title (I obviously bought it with today in mind, even if I promptly forgot its existence): Forever Mine, Valentine by Vicki Lewis Thompson and The Elusive Flame by Kathleen E Woodiwiss. By then I was running late, so didn’t have time to think up anywhere special to release them – I just dropped them on benches on the park I walk through on my way to work.

But at least I managed a Valentine’s themed release this year!

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