I just stood on a mouse

Parsnips has obviously been out hunting today, because when I got home and walked into the kitchen, I felt a lump under my foot.  A rather squishy lump.  And when I looked down, there was a slightly flattened mouse, oozing its innards onto the rug…  I suppose I should be thankful that she left her gift to me on the kitchen rug, which is at least easily washable (or at least, would be if I wasn’t going away this weekend – the cleaning will have to wait until I get back, so in the meantime the rug is bundled up in the washhouse sink (don’t worry, I did remove the mouse first)), and not on the main carpet or one of the nice rugs.  I should also be thankful that I was still wearing shoes (though it was my gymshoes, which have very deep tread, and I’m not entirely convinced I’ve managed to get all of the mouse bits out of the tread 🙁 )
Remind me why I like this cat?

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