Definitely not summer yet

After the stinking hot nor’westers at the weekend, the last couple of days have been cold and wet and miserable and back to feeling like winter again.  Someone said it even snowed in some parts of town last night!  There was definitely a lot of thunder – it was quite weird, actually: I caught the bus home from work because the clouds on the horizon were getting blacker and blacker so I doubted I’d make it home before the rain started, but it wasn’t actually raining at the university.  I kept hearing thunder to the north while I was waiting, and when the bus arrived I discovered why – only about a kilometre along the road we suddenly ran into a band of really heavy rain, with thunder and lighting and the odd burst of hail.  I only live a few km from the university, but the weather conditions were completely different between work and home.  Made me very glad I hadn’t decided to walk home!
So after wandering around in a t-shirt on Saturday, tonight I had the fire on.  Oh well, the one thing you can predict about late spring weather in Christchurch is that it’ll be completely unpredictable…

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  1. Isn’t the weather CRAZY? and yes, I did mean to shout.
    Our days have been so variable that planning is impossible. I didn’t even look to see if the Wellington City Council held their fireworks or postponed until tomorrow.
    Thursday and Saturday were glorious which was just fabulous personally as we had visitors from Perth and could take them out driving. Wonderful.

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