Cake surprise fail

So the cake surprise didn’t exactly didn’t go to plan.  For a start, we forgot that Lucy-Jane was working off-campus with one of our content providers this morning.  So there we were busy plotting how to get her out of the office for a few minutes at the end of our Monday morning meeting so we’d be able to light the candles on the cake (don’t tell the health and safety people we had naked flames in the office!) and set up the surprise morning tea, and then realised she wouldn’t be in until after lunch anyway…  So quick change of plan – we’d just have a surprise afternoon tea instead.  And then the boss got an email: Lucy-Jane saying she had a stomach bug, so once she’d finished at the content provider she’d just go home sick…
We decided he should spoil the surprise a bit so he could tell her why she might want to pop in to the office on her way home, and she did make it in, so we got to have the surprise afternoon tea, and present her with the cake, but she understandably wasn’t really feeling like eating any (though she did bravely try a bit).  She said she appreciated the intention though 🙂  (and the rest of us enjoyed our slices – possibly because we’d been waiting for them all day!)

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