Yep, another one

I said yes.  My fence is getting ever-more political.

At least I’m not as bad as the house I saw down on Riccarton Road the other day that had signs for five different (and wildly opposed) political parties on its fence.  I imagine a family that have really intense debates around the dinner table…
But in more important news:

Looks like any day now the flowering cherry will start doing its thing!

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  1. Hey – thanks for letting me have the sign on the fence! And while it was a form letter, it really wasn’t that mass produced. I did 10 – and hand signed them all. Of the 10, I got responses from half of the people thus far. I think it’s a pretty good rate of return, and shows that I should have done it sooner 🙂
    The idea of asking people with Green signs was to show that Labour and the Greens can work nicely together. I think we can. Also, as a book lover, I would say that you should vote for someone who writes books, rather than ignores them 😉

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