Live-blogging from Queenstown

After a lovely evening with the early – arriving book crossers I’m now sitting in kiwiinengland’s hostel room with her and edwardstreet, where we’re all being terribly antisocial in a geeky bookcrosser sort of way sitting here with laptops and tablets registering books and making release notes and eating fudge and drinking wine.  and I’m attempting to write this on my tablet, which really isn’t designed for such a task. So apologies for typos,  but I’m just happy if I can get it to vaguely recognise what I’m trying to type.
The pplan for tomorrow is pretty vague,  but it includes lunch at the top of the gondola with Lakelady.  I think some of the others are doing the shotover jet, and there was some wild talk of bungy jumping being thrown around. I think there’ll be lots of adventures to report at dinner tomorrow night.
And the convention hasn’t even officially started yet.

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