No diary entries for weeks, and then two in one day – typical.

TGFKAM (The Gathering Formerly Known As Meetup) tonight, and we had a really good turnout: Cathietay and Daveytay, lytteltonwitch, natecull and a German guy who’s staying with him at the moment (who I don’t think really knew who we were or why we were meeting – he looked pretty puzzled by everything all night), awhina and meerkitten, Alithia, and (of course) me. We went to a chinese restaurant, and decided to each choose a dish and then share the resulting feast (and split the bill), which worked out very well, because we ended up very well fed for only about $10 a head. Think we’ll have to try that again sometime.

The other cool thing about a chinese restaurant is the huge lazy susan in the middle of the table – ideal for loading up with books so that everyone can grab a few as they spin past 🙂 I’ve been saving most of my books for Brisbane, so I only took a few along tonight: Brief Shining by Kathleen Rowntree (which I knew Cathietay wanted), Appointment at the Palace by Mary Jane Staples, and Sun’s End by Richard A. Lupoff. I was equally restrained about bringing books home (I’m starting to feel guilty about the size of my TBR pile again) – only It’s Not You It’s Me by Allison Rushby and A Tale of Time City by Diana Wynne Jones (oh, and Gardens of Fire by Stevan Eldred-Grigg, but that doesn’t count, because I’ve borrowed it back off lytteltonwitch for TopKat to read).

We saw David McPhail (translation for non-NZers: major NZ celebrity, in other words nobody in the rest of the world has ever heard of him) in the restaurant (he walked past our table on the way to the toilet, and later was in the queue ahead of us waiting to pay), and we did briefly discuss giving him a book, but decided it probably wasn’t a good idea to disturb him on an evening out.

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  1. Welcome home, Mr Ploppy!

    I have a very basic cellphone, too. It does the job.

    We’ve just read the first two "Science of Discworld" books. Fun, aren’t they?

    Good luck with the exam results 🙂

  2. Bottom of the line! Pfft. I’ll show you bottom-of-the line. My cell phone dates from 1998, has no text messaging features or any choice of ring tones, and probably weighs five pounds. I keep it in the car just for emergencies, and it’s only been used maybe four times.

    I should probably be embarrassed to be seen with it.

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