Busy, busy, busy

Having a week off sick but not really sick was great, but the downside was when I got back to work on Monday I had to catch up with everything I missed, and as this week was my last before a few weeks of Christmas holiday (HR’s been on my back again about not using my leave, so this is my sop to them – it still leaves me with 4 weeks accumulated in case possible plans for next year eventuate) I also had to make sure I cleared my desk of everything that couldn’t wait until January. Plus, of course, it’s silly season, so I had several christmas lunches to attend. So I’ve been totally flat out all week. But yesterday I closed the door on the office for the last time for 2007, and now

So far today I’ve been using my holiday to clean. We’ve got the Bookcrossing Christmas Party here on Tuesday night, so I want everything tidy for that, plus we’re heading down south on Friday, and have a house-sitter coming to look after the cats while we’re away, and I’ve suddenly realised that means a stranger is going to be able to look through my cupboards, and see all the mess that’s normally hidden from the view of strangers. So a serious spring-clean is in order this week.

I started on the study today, which was in serious need of a tidy-up after MrPloppy fixed my computer – he’d moved a lot of things to get to it, and all the cables were just plugged in any which way while he was testing that everything was working ok. So I cleared the desk, unplugged everything, and put it all back together properly, with the cables tucked away down the back of the desk the way I like it, and rearranged my bookcrossing supplies so I can find everything again. Plus I moved the computer to the other side of the desk, where it should be better ventilated, which should hopefully help with the overheating problem that probably caused it to die in the first place.

Next on the list is the bedroom (eek! it seems to have turned into a dumping ground for everything we can’t find a place for recently, so that’s going to be a huge job), then the spare room (another dumping ground), then the kitchen cupboards.

Oh, and sometime this week I have to finish the last of my christmas shopping.

And then I can start my holiday properly 🙂

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