Visiting Kimis

Just back from a very pleasant afternoon spent with Kimi and MrKimi. They were passing through Christchurch, and rang to say they were at Mona Vale, so we quickly hopped on a bus to join them there. I’d said I’d ring when we got there so we could find each other, but as I searched for a bench where I could sit down and dig out the scrap of paper I’d put Kimi’s number on, I realised that the two people sitting on the bench I was walking towards were the Kimis 🙂

We had a long discussion of language, physics, psychology, ethics, and the philosophy of science (MrKimi was impressed that I’d actually heard of Karl Popper – it helps that he’s one of the distinguished alumni of my university!) over scones and cake, and I introduced the Kimis to bookcrossing, releasing The Ditto List by Stephen Greenleaf on the table next to ours. Having been instructed in expert releasing technique, Kimi took The World, the Flesh and the Devil by Reay Tannahill to try releasing at the airport on their way home (watch out Kimi, you’ll get addicted! ;-))

We wandered around the garden while the sun was still on them, enjoying the daffodils and smells of spring (we spent some time trying to track down the source of a particularly pervasive scent – it turned out to be coming from a bush technically known as “one of those bushes with little flowers”), and I released a couple more books: I Never Promised You a Rose Garden by Hannah Green (in a garden that *wasn’t* a rose garden), and The Bridge Across Forever by Richard Bach (on a bridge, of course).

Definitely a nice way to end the weekend!

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  1. It was wonderful to see you two, and a lovely end to our weekend!

    We’re home safe and sound, and the book was last seen safely ensconced in the Air New Zealand lounge magazine section.

  2. I enjoyed your long, interesting entry. Your project is progressing nicely. How nice for you to meet up with KiwiKimi. Need to look up that book you mentioned by Richard Bach. Have read many of his and always like his writing. Take care.

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