Mysterious marmite

A mysterious gift of marmite just appeared in our hallway (at least, I assume it just arrived – I’m pretty certain it wasn’t there last time I walked past).  Neither of us heard it arrive, but it’s a lovely day so the front door is wide open, so whoever it was obviously just popped it inside in without knocking.
I’ve got no idea who was the mysterious donor (I’ve complained to a *lot* of people about the marmite drought), but the Elmo lunch bag narrows it down a bit.  MrPloppy reckons it was Tam, who would be likely to just drop it and run without announcing her presence, but Rarsberry also mentioned a while back that she had some unwanted marmite lurking in her cupboard, so maybe it was her.
Anyway, whoever it was, if you’re reading this, thank you!
Hmm, it’s nearly lunchtime – I think I will indulge in a lovely cheese and marmite sandwich…

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    1. You’re welcome to it! I’ve been surviving on vegemite while I wait for marmite supplies to be re-established, and it’s horrible stuff :-p

  1. These two foods are mysterious even when you KNOW the source of their arrival.
    I’ve read about them, and still can’t fathom their edibility.
    What, pray tell is the difference between them?
    And WHY do you eat them?

    1. The difference, to a lover of either, is enormous. To me, vegemite is sweeter and saltier than marmite (but I’ve heard vegemite lovers say the same of marmite).
      As to why we eat them, good question! 🙂 I think it’s one of those things you have to have grown up with. Definitely an acquired taste! You also have to be well-versed in the art of spreading it as thinly as possible – even the most ardent marmite-lover can only take it in small doses – it’s a very intense flavour. Good for you though – because they’re yeast-based, they’re full of various B vitamins.

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