Having finally finished off a few works-in-progress from the stash, I decided to reward myself with starting something new – a kit MrPloppy gave me for Christmas years ago, which is huge and ambitious and will probably take me even more years to finish. But aren’t the colours pretty?
I didn’t actually get much stitching done on it yesterday, by the time I’d sorted the colours, prepared the fabric (I attempted to use your overlocker, lytteltonwitch, but failed miserably. One of the threads had come out, and though I followed the diagram and am pretty certain I rethreaded it properly, it only overlocked properly for a couple of cm before it went all weird. In the end I gave up and just used the zig-zag on my ordinary machine.), discovered there was supposed to be blending filament (Noooooo! Not again!!!) in the kit but it wasn’t there (good excuse for a visit to Hands :-))…

Oh, and if I thought the dragon was complicated, this is going to be worse – of the 94 (!!!) symbols on the graph, 80 of them are tweeds (i.e. threading the needle with two colours at the same time). Luckily there’s only three that involve the blending filament, but this is still going to be a very slow project. Oh, and as you would expect with 94 different colours, there’s a lot of changing needles – that tiny patch I stitched last night has six different colours in it alone. So don’t expect to see anything recognisable for quite some time…

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  1. Have I told you just how proud I am to have you as my daughter? I am trying to imagine just what that man in your life would pick as an appropriate needlework picture.

    1. You figured out how to comment! 🙂
      Luckily he has a good idea of my taste – if he bought something to his own taste it would probably be solid black…
      ^ ^

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