Next door have a nearly-grown kitten who is the cheekiest cat I’ve ever met. Whenever our front door is open (or a convenient window) he’ll just wander into the house, make himself comfortable, and steal George’s food (usually while George is sitting there watching). He doesn’t do it sneakily like most cats would, he just acts like every house in the street is an extension of his own. We try and scare him off whenever we see him, but he just treats it as a game, and runs away only to come back a few minutes later.

I saw him wandering in today, so I picked up the nearest thing to hand (an eraser) and threw it at him. Not only did he not get a fright, but he pounced on it, picked it up in his teeth, and sauntered off home with his prize!

I can’t even go next door and retrieve it, because then I’d have to tell the neighbours I was throwing stuff at their cat…

Went and saw Harry Potter 7 Part 1 (this is getting worse than Shakespeare and all those Henrys) yesterday. I’d actually intended to go on Tuesday, but they’ve only got one showing a day now, and when I got to the theatre they’d sold out (so if they’re still selling out, why have they cut back the number of showings???), so I went shopping instead (lots of sales on, so I bought some work clothes (boring), and some new baking tins (yay! I’m slowly replacing all my baking stuff with silicone, which is much more fun to bake with (no greasing the tins! hardly any cleanup afterwards!), and Farmers had them 60% off – double yay!)).

Anyway, yesterday I got to the theatre a bit earlier, so I was in time to buy a ticket, so I finally got to see the film. Pretty good, but I’m not sure if I liked it as much as the earlier ones (as with the book, there’s so much going on at once it’s a bit hard to keep track), and of course with it being only Part 1 it doesn’t have any sort of conclusion. Might reserve judgement until I’ve seen Part 2 (and probably until we’ve got them both on DVD so I can watch them a few times).

Right, I reckon it’s time to try out the new tins. I can feel a batch of muffins coming on…

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