First catch of 2011

Lords of the Golden Horn by Noel Barber: this is one of the books I released way back in 2008 during the filming of the Bookcrossing documentary by the polytech students. It disappeared until it was caught (in the same place I’d released it) last July, and now it’s been caught again. Definitely a worthy first catch for the year 🙂

The last couple of days have been pretty quiet, because I caught my brother’s cold, so I’ve been lying low trying not to aggravate it into bronchitis (which I’m unfortunately prone to). So far, touch wood, I seem to be avoiding it, and I think I’m over the worst of the cold. Good thing too, because I’m staying at Dad’s for a few days – it’s his birthday tomorrow (my father’s going to be a pensioner!) and he’s having a big party. So I’ve spent most of today helping out with the food preparation.

I escaped this afternoon though for one last adventure with my nephews. The last couple of times I’ve been down I’ve created a treasure hunt for them, but this time I turned the tables and suggested they create a treasure hunt (with my help) for their parents to solve. So we borrowed Dad’s GPS and spent the afternoon running around town hiding little slips of paper in various landmarks, with coordinates and hints written on them for the next clue. We finished setting up just as the shop was closing, so we delivered the first clue to brother and SIL, then followed them and neice as they deciphered the clues to the final treasure, which was of course chocolate (it was supposed to be the variety they liked, but strangely enough when I asked Nephew#2 to pick his parent’s favourites when we were buying them, he somehow kept picking out his own favourites instead ;-)). Then it was back to their place for takeaways for dinner (I had warned brother and SIL of our plans, so they had decided not to bother cooking), and a few final additions to the lego city (which has now grown to cover pretty much the entire floor of the boys’ bedroom!). Oh, and utter amazement – niece decided she does like me after all, and came and sat on my knee!

So, a great final adventure with the kids (I’ll see them tomorrow at the party, of course, but I’ll have to pretend to be a grown-up then, and not run off and play with them ;-)).

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