Entertaining a bookcrosser

Bookcrossers make the best guests – you don’t have to entertain them or anything. Just give them a book to read and you can happily ignore them for the rest of the afternoon, secure in the knowledge they won’t emerge from it until it’s time for dinner.

Which is a roundabout way of saying Discoverylover is sitting next to me ensconced in a book (Maus by Art Spiegelman). No, I haven’t kidnapped her, but at the meetup this morning she mentioned she was thinking of going to the Christmas in the Park concert tonight, which developed from there into a much more elaborate plan, involving a release walk around town and the gardens (to get rid of the books I’d planned to release on my way home from the meetup), followed by a visit to our favourite bookshop to stock up on a few Christmas-themed books to release tonight, then back to my place to register the books (after a short detour to the supermarket so I can actually feed her dinner before we go out).

The plan was slightly thwarted by a shortage of decent Christmas books at the bookshop, but we did manage to find a few each, which are now all registered and suitably labelled ready for tonight.

So what if my original plan involved spending the afternoon doing housework? That can wait 🙂

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