On the seventh day she created bookstrings

I had a very creative day today. More creative than I planned, in fact. I had promised MrPloppy that I’d finish doing bookstrings this weekend, and finally clear the dining table so we could stop eating off our knees. But then we found all those extra beads yesterday. And then Lytteltonwitch came round today with even more – she’d been to visit Awhina and been given a bag full of craft stuff she was clearing out, including a biscuit tin full of beads.

So the mission continues. I’ve passed the 400 mark now, and Lytteltonwitch has done another couple of hundred, so we probably don’t need a lot more, but it can’t hurt to have extras, for any conventions this year we’ve overlooked (or even for our own goody bags!).

And maybe one day I really will clear the table…

An interesting catch today. A book I released in Amberley on our way to the Wellington convention in February was caught in Takaka. The anonymous finder says s/he is a member of a band called Ricochet. Somehow I doubt it’s this one.

Currently reading: A Long Way Down by Nick Hornby
Currently listening to: The Mammoth Hunters by Jean M Auel

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