I think it's summer

Today’s been the first properly hot day we’ve had this summer (according to the metservice, the high was 33 degrees, and it’s still about 32 now, at 6.30 pm). Poor George has spent the day collapsing in one patch of shade after another, trying to find one that’s actually cool. Not a good day to have thick black fur! I, of course, spent the day much more sensibly… oh yeah, no I didn’t, I spent it doing a major pre-Christmas cleaning of the house – a totally dumb thing to do in this temperature, but today was pretty much the only chance I’d get to do it.

It doesn’t feel much like Christmas yet. There’s been the usual round of Christmas lunches and things at work, but in a half-hearted sort of way. I think everyone just wants to get this year over with – it’s been a pretty horrible one all round at the university, what with all the redundancies, then the earthquake, and then Pike River… Next year has GOT to be a better one!

Oh well, only two more proper days of work, at least. Technically I’m working on Wednesday, but I’ve got to go to mediation at the Employment Authority with one of the union members, which will probably take all day. Then from Thursday I’m on leave! Yayyy!!!! I’m so looking forward to this break!

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