Drumroll please…

My official itinerary:

Wed 9 April Leave Christchurch 2.35 pm
Arrive Perth 8.45 pm (via Sydney)
Thu 10 Perth
Fri 11 Leave Perth 12 noon
Arrive Singapore 5.25 pm
Sat 12 Singapore
Sun 13 Leave Singapore 10.55 pm
Mon 14 Arrive London 5.15 am
Train to Wales
Tue 15 Wales
Wed 16 Wales
(Meetup in Cardiff?)
Thu 17 Train to Bath
Drive to London with lytteltonwitch
Fri 18 London (convention!)
Sat 19 London (convention!)
Sun 20 London (convention!)
Mon 21 Leave London 7.25 am
Arrive Bilbao 12.55 pm (via Madrid)
Tue 22 Vitoria
Wed 23 Leave Bilbao 8.35 am
Arrive Chicago 6.40 pm (via Madrid and London)
Thu 24 Chicago
Fri 25 Leave Chicago 9.05 am
Arrive Ottawa 12.00 noon
Sat 26 Ottawa
Sun 27 Leave Ottawa 12.35 pm
Arrive Columbus 5.40 pm (via Chicago)
Mon 28 Road trip!
(Pick up Otakuu in Washington DC)
Tue 29 Road trip!
Wed 30 Road trip!
(Arrive in Charleston at some point)
Thu 1 May Leave Charleston 7.40 am
Arrive Dallas/Fort Worth 9.30 am
Fri 2 Leave Dallas/Fort Worth 5.35 pm
Arrive Honolulu 10.40 pm (via Los Angeles)
Sat 3 Honolulu
Sun 4 Leave Honolulu 10.50 am
Mon 5 Arrive Sydney 5.30 pm
Tue 6 Leave Sydney 8.35 pm
Arrive Christchurch 1.35 pm

The main change from the itinerary I’d worked out is that we don’t need to spend a night in Sydney on the way to Perth (though I do get a night there on the way home – hopefully enough time for a meetup to catch up with a few friends), so we get two nights in Perth now. Which means the only place I won’t get to stay two nights is Dallas/Fort Worth, but I’m arriving there early enough and leaving late enough the next day that I’ll get the best part of two days to look around.

Now I’ve got to start seriously sorting out accommodation: confirming the offers I do have, and writing some more begging PMs to people in the places where I haven’t got anything.

Hope my boss doesn’t expect me to actually do any work today! 😉

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