Sydney part 2

Thursday 3.40 pm
I’d originally envisioned spending today exploring and maybe hitting a museum or art gallery. Instead, I sat in the Chinese Gardens reading until nearly 2 – still, that’s what a holiday is all about 🙂

I sat in this pavillion for a bit, until I looked up and noticed the spiders living in the lamp above my head!

Someone told me later what this lizard was, but I’ve forgotten the name – water monitor, perhaps?

Goldfish feeding frenzy!

I don’t remember seeing this last time we were here – it’s a cart made completely (except the wheels) from jade
After steamed pork buns and jasmine tea in the tea pavillion, I wandered back to the YHA to check in and sort out my books (which are now piled all over the floor – hope my roommates don’t mind!) By then it was about 3, and I’d arranged to meet Wombles at her hostel at 4, so I thought I’d better not wander too far in case I couldn’t find my way back in time. So after a shortish walk around the area (I found a wee park, but it didn’t look too promising for releases, and a few homeless people were already starting to bed down for the night on the benches, so I didn’t stay long), I’m now in the lobby of Wombles’ hostel where there’s a comfy seat where I can read my book while I wait (hey, it’s been a long while since I’ve been able to just sit and read without feeling guilty about all the other things I should be doing! …pity I have to go to another country to achieve it…)

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