Face ache

Stupid %$#@ wisdom tooth has chosen to make its semi-annual reappearance, so for the next few days I’ll have an unusual amount of sympathy for any teething babies I encounter. It hurts!!! (And to make it worse, the pain has transferred itself to the rest of my face in a lovely generalised neuralgia – what fun!) It’s not worth taking it to a dentist (I know from experience it’ll calm down in a day or two once it’s fully emerged, and an extraction would leave me in pain for about that long anyway (and in wallet pain for a lot longer!)). Just as long as it’s better by Thursday – I really don’t want to be in pain for a 3 hour flight to Sydney!

It’s probably just my body’s way of telling me it’s about time I slowed down a bit (I’ve got the beginnings of a cold sore developing too, which is usually another good warning sign). It has been a busy and stressful few months, so I’m not surprised, really. This week *should* have been my “breathe a sigh of relief and finally relax” week, because term was supposed to end last Friday, and then I’d have a couple of quiet days at work to regroup before a holiday in Sydney. But of course the earthquake messed all that up, so now term doesn’t end until this Friday, so I’m going to have three very busy days at work this week doing all the frantic end of term stuff by Wednesday evening so that I don’t feel too guilty about the fact I won’t be here on Thursday and Friday… So I’ll probably get to Sydney and collapse!

Oh, and I’m panicking because I’ve got a huge amount of work still to do on my final assignment for my linguistics paper, which is technically due this Friday (though when I told my lecturer about Sydney she said I could have an extra week, because she didn’t want to ruin my holiday!). I was hoping to get a large chunk of it out the way this weekend, but I have to wait for my Spanish-speaking informant to email me with some more data, so I’m sitting here trying to think happy thoughts in her direction (if you’re reading this, pretty pretty pretty please email me!!!!)

So please, body, hold out for just two more weeks, then once I’ve handed in my assignment I promise I’ll rest for a bit. Really truly I will.

(Well, apart from the aftershocks, of course, which aren’t particularly restful. We’ve had a few more big ones in the last few days (the biggest was a 5.0, which would count as a significant earthquake in its own right), just when everyone was starting to think the worst was over…)

Anyway, in happier news, I’ve *almost* definitely decided to go to DC. The more I investigate costs, the more affordable it seems (it’s still going to be a ginormous chunk of money, but not debt-inducingly big), and I’ve talked to my boss about getting leave and he thought it shouldn’t be too much of a problem. I haven’t gone so far as to actually book anything yet – I’m superstitiously holding that off until after Sydney. Not that I’m likely to change my mind at this point – in the last week I’ve gone from talking about “if” I go to DC to “when” 🙂 And I’m sure once I’ve sat down with Skyring and Discoverylover and a map of the USA next weekend I’ll be even more completely hooked on the idea than I am already.

Right, time to get some stuff done. If I can’t spend today writing my assignment then I should at least be spending it sorting out books for Sydney.

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