Meetups and Heffalumps

Only the usual suspects at last night’s meetup – we did think we were going to have a new member along, but she didn’t turn up 🙁 Still, as always it was an enjoyable evening. Not many books swapped (something to do with having seen each other on Friday and Sunday…), but lots of chat – mostly about lytteltonwitch’s plans (did you realise, when she’s gone I’ll be NZ’s #1 bookcrosser?) and sharing a bit of gossip about a certain bookcrosser who we’ve always suspected “cheats” on her stats by catching her own releases as an anonymous finder – she’s made it even more obvious now by “catching” a book that has been sitting on lytteltonwitch’s bookshelf for months… oops!

I really don’t know why anyone would want to fake their stats like that anyway. It’s not like it’s a race (even though I’m going to be number 1!!! Yayy!!!! ;-)), and to me, the satisfaction in seeing my stats go up is in knowing that I’ve actually registered and released all those books. And where’s the enjoyment in getting a catch that you know isn’t real? I’ve found it bad enough catching my own books on behalf of the convention bookshelf – I look at my books caught number and think “but some of those aren’t real”. And that’s a perfectly legitimate catch, because the books are genuinely leaving my possession.

People are strange.

I didn’t have time to do much more stitching of my behemoth (or is it a heffalump?) after I got home from the meetup, but I added a little bit:

Currently reading: Change of Heart by Jodi Picoult
Currently listening to: The Valley by Di Morrissey

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