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Second Tuesday of the month meetup tonight, attended by the usual suspects (me, lytteltonwitch, awhina and meerkitten), plus MrPloppy (who’s more of an unusual suspect ;-)). For a change I managed not to come home with any books (I’ve really got to start reading some of Mt TBR before it topples over and kills someone), but passed on Hunter of Worlds by C.J. Cherryh and The Lady and the Unicorn by Tracy Chevalier.

I got home to a catch notice for Dr Hunk by Glenda Sanders, which I released in Brisbane a year ago, and which was caught in almost exactly the same place I’d left it! I’ve had a couple of nice second-hand catches recently too. One was The Styx Complex by Russell Rhodes, which I released and then lytteltonwitch re-released a couple of years ago. It got caught by an anonymous finder, and has just been journalled again – I’m not sure from the journal entry whether it’s the same anonymous finder who’s now read the book, or if they released it and it’s been caught by someone else. The other catch was an illustrated copy of The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown, which has now passed through an impressive number of hands, including a couple of wild catches. It’s exciting to see a book accumulate that kind of history.

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  1. Your Dad has a sale every 13 years? How reckless! 🙂

    My teeth ache from looking at that recipe! I can see that kids would *love* it, though.

    That flight over the Alps is very pretty, isn’t it?

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