Photographic Evidence

Lytteltonwitch dropped off my camera, so as promised, here’s Moem and Rubberchicken (playing camera chicken) in the Port Hills on Sunday. (They look almost awake in that photo, don’t they?)
It was tough having to leave for work yesterday morning when there was the prospect of a day with friends to tempt me, but I had too much I needed to get done at work before my days off, so I was a good diligent employee and didn’t throw a sickie (though I might have spent the odd minute during the day checking the forums and LJ for news of our various visitors :-))
When I got home Moem and Rubberchicken were busy in the kitchen preparing us a meal of Dutch pancakes, filled with all sorts of things like apples, bananas, sultanas, cheese, and bacon (well, sort of – apparently we have the wrong sort of bacon in NZ, so the bacon pancakes didn’t turn out exactly according to plan. MrPloppy tried one of the failed attempts, and said it still tasted good anyway). Very tasty, and I definitely approve of visitors who cook me dinner!
While they were cooking, lytteltonwitch (who’d invited herself for dinner as soon as she heard the words “pancakes” ;-)) and I did a little art project in preparation for the “Where in the World is Skyring” game, which after dinner we all sat around and glued together. Another task ticked off the list (which seems to keep growing, not getting shorter – surely that can’t be right?).
It turned into quite a late night, talking and laughing (so I’m really glad I’ve got a meeting today that means I don’t need to go into work until a bit later in the morning). The best kind of time spent with friends.
Today they hit the road on their big biking adventure. As of last night they weren’t sure which direction they were going to go – there’s heavy rain forecast for the West Coast (surprise, surprise), which had been their initial idea, so I think they might head south instead, and do the Coast on the way back.

Our driveway full of bikes, ready for their big trip.

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  1. If I were to agree to go on a motorcycle trip with Hub Man, he would be over the moon.

    Only thing is I don’t know how to RIDE one.

    I think I need a scooter. 😉

    I love the scenery in that first picture.

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