Feeling lazy

Saturday at last! And for once I’ve got no tests or essays due next week – so I can actually have a nice relaxing weekend without feeling like I really should be studying. Of course, the only reason we’ve got no assessment next week is because we had TWO tests this week – a short quiz on Wednesday, and a major test on Friday. I don’t think I’ve done too badly in either, but I was feeling totally brain-dead after yesterday’s test (luckily it was pretty quiet at work in the afternoon – if I’d had to stretch my brain any further I think I would have broken it!). I was supposed to be going to another games evening last night, but I was so tired when I got home that I piked out and instead spent the evening blobbed in front of the TV doing some cross-stitch. I’ve almost finished the bottom boring bit:

Currently reading: …I’m not sure. I finished reading Coming of Age in Samoa this morning, and haven’t decided yet which book to pick up next.

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