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Why does human hair just keep growing? I can’t think of any other animal that has hair that seems to have no maximum length (except maybe horses’ tails? Do they keep growing, or do they stop when they get to a certain length?). What’s the evolutionary advantage to having hair long enough to sit on, anyway? I mean, it must take a lot of energy to grow it, and before the invention of combs, conditioner, and hairdressers, it must have been a huge disadvantage to have all that hair hanging around, getting in your eyes, getting caught in branches, slapping you in the face whenever the wind blew… in fact, maybe that’s the real reason why humans started using tools: imagine a group of proto-humans out on the tundra hunting mammoths, the wind starts blowing… “Argghh, my hair’s blown in my face again and I can’t see which way the mammoth’s running. Quick, hand me a sharp-edged stone and I’ll cut some of it off.”

Ok, I’ll shut up now.

In more sensible news, a couple of nice second-hand catches. This one‘s a genuine second-generation wild catch, having been released in the wild by me, caught, released again, and now caught for a second time. It’s great when that happens! The other has been through several controlled releases since leaving my hands, but was finally released into the wild by linguistkris last month, and has been caught already.

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