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Ok, there was going to be a photo here, but I think my camera must still be in lytteltonwitch’s car – there was a bit of musical chairs going on.

Anyway, despite the lack of photographic evidence, Moem and Rubberchicken made it safely to Christchurch. We picked them up at the airport, and after a brief stop at my place to revive them with tea and showers we decided the best way to keep them awake would be to take them up to the top of the Port Hills and show them some views.

First stop was at the Sign of the Takahe, where we admired the view and pointed out important landmarks, which I’m sure in their fatigued state they promptly forgot. Their body clocks were telling them they’d missed a meal-time somewhere along the way, so we went into the cafe for a snack, and spent a very pleasant hour or so chatting and listening to the live music, until the seats seemed to be getting a little *too* comfortable for our travellers, so we woke them up and got them back on the road.

Looking down into Lyttelton harbour from the top of the hill, the harbour looked amazing – the water was incredibly still, striped with the ripples of passing boats. And the tide was incredibly low – I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much of the beach exposed at Diamond Harbour. It made an already impressive view even more spectacular.

After we’d sufficiently scared them on the narrow roads 🙂 and frozen them in the cold wind, we headed home via the supermarket to pick up some bits and pieces for a quick dinner (I managed to solve the eternal how do you keep both vegetarians and non-vegetarians happy question with tacos with assorted fillings).

I thought for a while we were going to have to prop them up at the table to eat, but they managed to stay conscious just long enough to make it through dinner, after which we quickly sorted out their beds (they’re sleeping in the lounge, so we couldn’t put the beds until after we’d eaten) and left them to a well-deserved rest. I suspect they were both asleep the second their heads hit the pillows.

So, our first convention guests are here, I reckon that must mean the 2009 World Bookcrosing Convention has officially started!!! (Just a pity I’ve got another week at work before I get to enjoy it…)

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