Back to work, take two

In theory, I was back at work on Monday. In reality, I was in long enough to clear the mail and my backlog of phone and email messages from over the break, then went back home to bed. Nephew #1 had been coughing a bit when they were here the other day, and guess who caught a really nasty cold off him?

So, I’ve had the last couple of days curled up in bed, and I’m trying the back to work thing again today. Hopefully it works this time.

The Later Adventures of Tom Jones is travelling again. The English person who caught it in Wedderburn released it in California, where it was very quickly caught again, by a very enthusiastic anonymous finder.

And High House, which I released at the top of Baldwin Street during last year’s BCNZ convention, has just been caught and re-released. It looks like the catcher might have actually caught it during the convention, but has only got around to journalling it now. That’s ok though, at least she journalled it!

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  1. We have had 3 or 4 people away this week as well so bad colds must be doing the rounds at the moment.It is probably all this hot and cold weather.I also had a Baldwin St catch from the same person.

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